If I do sell my house, how will I qualify for and find acceptable housing?

If I do sell my house, how will I qualify for and find acceptable housing?

Selling your “underwater”, distressed or burdensome property makes good financial sense, but you’re concerned about where you’ll live? Maybe you’re worried about the timing, location, bad credit, monthly payments, school district and more. These are genuine concerns for homeowners and part of the services made available through the program. A dedicated Relocation Specialist will meet with you to create an entire relocation plan which includes, monthly payment, location, timing and any possible additional programs or assistance you may qualify for. It all starts with contacting your Homeowner Advocate.

Speak directly with the Homeowner Advocate assigned to your property. Your Homeowner Advocate can get you access to critical resources and assistance including monetary and other options specific to your property. The program is privately funded and provided at no cost to participating New York Homeowners.

  • Click Here to speak with a Homeowner Advocate, 800-883-4140
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