I filed for bankruptcy. How can I still own the property?

I filed for bankruptcy. How can I still own the property?

You may be wondering how it is possible that you filed for bankruptcy, included your property, received a discharge but you’re still the owner. In most instances this is because there was no equity in the property (you owed more on the property than it was worth) and most likely were discharged of the mortgage debt but the property remained in your name as the owner. Additionally, the lien filed by the lender remains. Until the property is actually foreclosed by the lien holder or they accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure it remains in your name.

Speak directly with the Homeowner Advocate assigned to your property. Your Homeowner Advocate can get you access to critical resources and assistance including monetary and other options specific to your property. The program is privately funded and provided at no cost to participating New York Homeowners.

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