I applied for a loan modification. Why would I meet with you?

I applied for a loan modification. Why would I meet with you?

Applying for a loan modification and understanding what you’re getting yourself into are two different things. A loan modification is often the only path to keeping your home. However, there are strings attached when you modify your loan and most homeowners are unaware of the strings and how they tie them up! Numbers are important, what you owe, what your payment will be and how long you will be paying are all critical elements to sustainability and peace of mind. The process can be tricky as lenders tend to request numerous documents which creates delays. In most instances the mortgage holder continues the foreclosure action. That’s why it’s even more important to have a Homeowner Advocacy Meeting with your dedicated Homeowner Advocate. You must be “in the know” and up to date on where you are in both the modification and the foreclosure processes. The processes are independent of each other and therefore both must be monitored. Too many Homeowners lose their properties while waiting for a loan modification to come through.

Speak directly with the Homeowner Advocate assigned to your property. Your Homeowner Advocate can get you access to critical resources and assistance including monetary and other options specific to your property. The program is privately funded and provided at no cost to participating New York Homeowners.

  • Click Here to speak with a Homeowner Advocate, 800-883-4140
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