If you are aware of a vacant house, report it to our Vacant House Registry. In connection with our Vacant Important Property (VIP) initiative, we will pay a VIP bonus for a qualified vacant property that you register and we purchase.*

Once a vacant house is registered, we will use our proprietary systems to search, locate and engage the legal property owner. Our team consists of the highest qualified real-estate professionals in the industry. Our mission is to convert a vacant house to a valuable and vibrant house. Help us help you! To report a vacant house and lock in your VIP bonus, call 800-847-6680, text 347-897-0272, chat or complete the form on this page.

The Vacant Important Property initiative provides valuable assistance to owners of distressed vacant properties. If a vacant house is in foreclosure, has no equity, is illegally occupied, or has a reverse mortgage, we have the experience and resources to overcome these obstacles and purchase the property. Even if the vacant house was part of a bankruptcy filing, the original owner may still own it, and we want to buy it.

Our mission is to convert vacant houses to valuable and vibrant homes, benefiting owners and communities throughout the Southern New York region. Help us help you! Team members are standing by; call 800-847-6680, text 347-897-0272, chat or complete the form on this page.

* To receive a VIP bonus you must be the first and only person to register the property with RebuildNY.com. VIP bonus amounts vary.

Important Company Information

Rebuildny.com D/B/A Realty Warehouse Inc. (Company) is not a licensed real estate broker and does not offer legal or accounting advice. The Company self-funds its Homeowner Assistance Program by committing a portion of its earnings from the acquisition of real property options. The Company is privately owned, for profit, and is not associated directly or indirectly with any local, state or federal governmental agency or program. For more information visit rebuildny.com/disclaimer. The Company cannot guarantee any outcome. Before entering into any agreement, it is recommended that you get legal advice from an independent attorney.

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