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A Relocation Grant provides funding for a Relocation Advocate to assist distressed homeowners who decide to sell and relocate prior to a foreclosure auction. A Relocation Advocate works on behalf of distressed homeowners to create an overall relocation strategy to fit their specific needs. Working with a Relocation Advocate puts homeowners in control by providing access to valuable resources and assistance to help them relocate on their own terms. Identifying the right new home, possible monetary options, timing, monthly payment, and credit qualification as well as any additional private or public funding assistance is part of the critical work your Relocation Advocate will provide. The whole process can seem overwhelming, but with a Relocation Advocate you’ll have peace of mind. Properties must be located within the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island and Westchester. Homeowners are encouraged to use the form on this page and apply now or call 800-294-5980 to speak with a Homeowner Advocate. Grant applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Most applications receive a decision in 24 hours or less. Funding and eligibility are limited. Not all homeowners are eligible.*

Important Company Information D/B/A Realty Warehouse Inc. (Company) is not a licensed real estate broker and does not offer legal or accounting advice. The Company self-funds its Homeowner Assistance Program by committing a portion of its earnings from the acquisition of real property options. The Company is privately owned, for profit, and is not associated directly or indirectly with any local, state or federal governmental agency or program. For more information visit The Company cannot guarantee any outcome. Before entering into any agreement, it is recommended that you get legal advice from an independent attorney.

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