If we learned anything from the housing crisis a decade ago it was to be proactive. Once again, we face another crisis which will create serious challenges for many homeowners. Reaching out to homeowners early with trustworthy information, assistance and funding is critical to healthy homeownership.

By participating in our community outreach initiative local houses of worship are eligible to request Community Outreach Grants. Grants are made available to assist houses of worship and their congregants.

Community Outreach Grants are privately funded and do not require repayment. Funding is limited and is available on a first come first served basis. Currently Grants are only available in the five boroughs of New York and Long Island. All houses of worship including churches, ministries, temples, mosques, and others are encouraged to apply.

To find out if your house of worship is eligible for a Community Outreach Grant you can apply here. We estimate it takes approximately 5 minutes to apply. We try to review applications the same day for applications received before 12pm EST. Generally, you will receive an answer within 1 business day. If approved the initial stage of your Grant Funding will be available within 48 hours.

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Important Company Information D/B/A Realty Warehouse Inc. (Company) is not a licensed real estate broker and does not offer legal or accounting advice. The Company self-funds its Homeowner Assistance Program by committing a portion of its earnings from the acquisition of real property options. The Company is privately owned, for profit, and is not associated directly or indirectly with any local, state or federal governmental agency or program. For more information visit The Company cannot guarantee any outcome. Before entering into any agreement, it is recommended that you get legal advice from an independent attorney.

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